July 4th Medicaid Brigade Spreads the Word at Parade

WIARA partnered with SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin and the League of Progressive Seniors to form a Medicaid Brigade

4th of July Parade

Medicaid Expansion fans, join the Whitefish Bay Parade this 4th of July. Please meet at Cynthia Wynn's house (4849 North Newhall) on July 4 at 10:30 am - bring your own coffee.
Where: 4849 N Newhall Street | When: 10:30am | RSVP:

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Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans

The Wisconsin Alliance fights for: -A strong Social Security system that provides guaranteed benefits & protects families for life. -Health care seniors can depend on through Medicare -Affordable and accessible prescription drugs -Strengthening pension laws -Affordable and accessible long term care -Continuation of the Wisconsin SeniorCare Prescription Drug program -Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act
Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans
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