Who We Are

The Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans (WIARA) is a state affiliate of the national Alliance of Retired Americans (ARA) established in 2001 to promote the dignity, fulfillment and retirement security of all older Americans. The Alliance works to unite older activists to help create an America that protects the health and economic security of seniors as well as their families.

WIARA meet with U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore’s local staff to discuss federal budget issues. From left to right, District Director Shirley Ellis, Marlene Ott (WIARA Vice President,) Gary Mitchell, (WIARA Board President,) Anna Mercer (staff assistant,) and Karen Royster (WIARA Director.)

There are over 15,000 retired union members in Wisconsin. As senior citizens, we have a vested interest in the wage, pension and health care policies at the local, state and federal level. Seniors are the age group with the highest voting level of any demographic — a force to be reckoned with.

WIARA works with unions, their retirees, individual members and community groups to inform, energize and engage older people in policy debates and elections that affect the lives of senior citizens, their children and grandchildren.

The WIARA issue priorities for 2019 are healthcare, political engagement and economic equity.

What We Do

The Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans has three goals:

  1. Create and strengthen a political community of retired people to stay connected, informed and effective in the state and federal decision making process
  2. Work together to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid so that all senior citizens have a secure future after their retirement
  3. Work with unions, community groups and individuals to mobilize progressive people around elections and policy struggles that impact social and economic justice in the United States.

Creating Community

The Alliance holds a Power luncheon each year to bring members together and meet with significant leaders at the state and federal level. At this luncheon, state and national leaders let participants know what is happening in Madison and Washington DC that impacts the security and well-being of senior citizens. Then seniors let the decision makers know what are the seniors’ priorities for the coming year.

The Alliance holds an ongoing Raffle during the year for fun and fund raising.

On alternate years, the Alliance holds a Membership Meeting to elect officers, set goals and discuss policy issues that are critical to Wisconsin’s future.

The Alliance sends members a monthly e-newsletter with updates on key issues, raffle winners and notice of upcoming events.

Our Issues

WIARA is committed to social and economic justice for all working people and their families but our focus is on issues that impact retirees and senior citizens most directly:

1) Social Security

2) Medicare

3) Medicaid

4) Pensions