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November 04, 2016

Russ Will Protect Social Security

Russ Feingold Pledges to Protect Social Security

Leon Burzynski

Throughout our working careers, all of us who are now retired knew that Social security would be there for us when we reached retirement. Over the years, Republicans broached some form of dismantling the program but those proposals quickly died when the public got wind of them.

With the election of George W. Bush, dismantling proposals were pushed more forcefully, as many employer supported pension programs were being cast aside. To their shame, Wisconsin voters elected a U.S. Senator, Ron Johnson, who campaigned on dismantling the Social Security program. Johnson has continued his efforts to gut the program, calling it a Ponzi scheme. Johnson has clearly illustrated his disregard for the needs of retirees.

Throughout his public service career, beginning in Wisconsin legislature and going forward to the United States Senate, Russ Feingold has remained true to the needs of his constituents, especially Wisconsin’s seniors and retirees. He has continually supported the WIARA as we pushed to improve Social Security and Medicare.

The main thrust of the Republican presidential primary race consisted of which candidate could be more outspoken about  getting rid of Social Security.   Brothers and Sisters, the threat is real!

The WIARA, in coordination with the Wisconsin Coalition for Retirement Security, developed a pledge “to protect the guaranteed benefit of Social Security” and to “oppose any attempts to privatize Social Security.”  They asked Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson to sign the pledge. Russ signed it immediately. Johnson has already made his position clear.

The full statement of the pledge, in the picture below, reads:

            “Social Security is an open, transparent and widely popular system that 96% of Wisconsin residents over the age of 65 rely on. This generation of retirees and senioes paid into the Social security Trust Fund throughout their working years and deserve the financial security and peace of mind that Social Security provides.            If honored by the people of Wisconsin with election to the United states Senate, I hereby pledge to protect the guaranteed benefit of Social Security and will oppose any attempts to privatize Social Security.”

Simply put, Russ Feingold cares about us; Ron Johnson does not.

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