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September 06, 2017

2017 WIARA Convention Report

2017 WIARA Convention Report

On Friday May 12th, 8 member facilitators trained for 4 hours on 1-on-1 conversations, listening, empathy and tracking information. Those 8 member facilitators trained 57 WIARA members the following day at convention!

This work directly led to the WIARA adding 86 new members!!!!

In keeping with our final convention resolution, we are working to be,

An Organization that Organizes

Whereas, the state of Wisconsin has a long history of fair labor practices and strong support of rights to unionize;
Whereas, the Wisconsin Alliance’s very existence evolved from its union base, to support strong, safe retirement for all Wisconsin citizens;
Whereas, the current President of the United States, Congressional majority, Governor of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin’s legislative majority have undermined the middle class, undermined labor and its right to unionize, and undermined safety in the workplace;
Therefore, be it resolved, the Wisconsin Alliance will work closely with labor, unions, and grassroots organizations that support our middle class and worker’s rights.
Therefore, be it further resolved, the members of the Wisconsin Alliance will reach out, statewide, to Wisconsin citizens, to educate and share our truth about all assaults to our Wisconsin quality of life.

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