June 26, 2020

Request your absentee ballot today!

We are living in extraordinary times. Even the act of carrying out daily activities pose a risk to our health. That’s why the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans is fighting to make voting by mail safe, secure and easy for older people across the state.

While we continue to pursue legal actions to ensure the security and safety of our voting system, we want to encourage you to take a moment to prepare for the next election.

The My Vote Wisconsin website is a one-stop resource where you can find the date of every election and the steps to request a ballot to vote by mail.

You can also confirm that your voter registration has not been purged and that you are registered to vote in the 2020 elections My Vote Wisconsin website — or register for the first time.

We urge you to visit myvote.wi.gov to register to vote or confirm that your registration was not purged from the voter rolls.

In the coming months, we will keep you updated and share important information so you can make sure that your vote counts.

Thank you,

Gary Mitchell
Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans

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