April 08, 2021

Biennial Meeting: Wednesday, April 28 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The VIRTUAL Biennial Convention of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans has been scheduled for April 28th, 11:00am – 1:00pm.

This year’s convention will be held virtually (ZOOM details below).

Members will be proposing Bylaws change recommendations, and proper advance written notice of the changes will be provided. Any delegate can recommend changes to the Bylaws; changes require a minimum of ten (10) days advance notice. Proposed changes need to be submitted to me as soon as possible to ensure proper advance notice is given to the other delegates – contact Alex Brower at to discuss bylaws. Copies of the Bylaws are available upon request.

Executive Board officer elections will be held during the convention. The officers of the Executive Board hold office for a term of two years, role descriptions provided below:

  1. President – He or she shall serve as the political leader and chief spokesperson of the Alliance, and rep­resent the Alliance in all public matters. He or she shall chair all meetings of the Executive Board and shall exercise general oversight of the Alliance.
  2. Executive Vice President – He or she shall assist the President in any matters of the Alliance as requested by the President, chair meetings of the Executive Board and other committees in the absence of the President and also serve as a public spokesperson for the Alliance. He or she shall perform the functions of the President until a successor is chosen, if the President be­ comes temporarily unable or unwilling to serve, or resigns, dies or becomes incapacitated.
  3. First Vice President – He or she will be responsible for chairing a committee created by the Executive Board, be responsible for functions that the Executive Vice President is unable to perform as well as other functions delegated to him or her by the President. In the event the Executive Vice President is called upon but is unable to perform the functions of the President then the First Vice President shall perform those functions until a successor to the President is chosen.
  4. Treasurer – He or she will have responsibility for overseeing the financial affairs and funds of the Wisconsin Alliance, deposit all such funds in the name of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans in such bank as the Executive Board may designate and will make a financial report to the Executive Board at each of its regular meetings.
  5. Secretary – He or she shall keep the official records of the organization, take minutes of all Executive Board meetings, and have responsibility for correspondence on behalf of the organization to affiliate organizations, the National Alliance, and the public.

Zoom details:

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

You can join two ways: by video or phone.  Either way, you will need to register.  To join by video you’ll need the program Zoom on you computer or phone.  Download it here:


Bylaws Changes:

There are 7 proposed changes to the Bylaws of the Wisconsin Alliance.  Each change is written as a resolution, and a link to each document is below.  Simply click on the link to view the Google Doc of the resolution with the proposed change.

Link to our current bylaws:


Amendment #1(A): Individual Membership:


Amendment #1(B): Board Seat for Individual Members:


Amendment #2: Email Communication:


Amendment #3 Special Meeting Notice:


Amendment #4: Video Conference:


Amendment #5: Transparency in Payments:


Amendment #6: Board Authority to Amend Bylaws:


Amendment #7: President Emeritus:



Agenda for 2021 WIARA Biennial Meeting – click here to view PDF!


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