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August 01, 2019

Request for WIARA Hero nominations for Power Lunch Awards

We need the following information:

Nominee’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

Please write at least a 100-word explanation of why they should receive an award.

We need you and/or your organization’s names, address, phone number and email number.

DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE THE FORM — (Be sure and use ENABLE EDITING to fill out the form.)                                         

Or just write and email your nomination with the required information OR
Mail to WIARA c/o AFL-CIO — 6333 West Bluemound Road — Milwaukee WI 53213.

The Power Lunch Committee will select winners. Winners will be invited to the Lunch with one guest at no cost; they will be seated at the main table. Honorees will be recognized and receive their award during the lunch event. Please respond as soon as possible. THANKS!!

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