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WIARA POWER Lunch Highlights

The 2019 POWER Lunch is The WIARA’s annual fundraiser that allows us to continue our important organizing work on behalf of all Wisconsin retirees and celebrate the heroes among us. BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY! RSVP Here OR you can download and print our registration form and ... Read more

August Member Spotlight

We'd like to give a warm recognition to Dan Bell and UAW for their commitment to fighting for workers rights! ... Read more

August Newsletter

    Alliance for Retired Americans | 815 16th Street, NW | Washington, DC 20006 | ... Read more

Visit to Cong. Gwen Moore

Dear Friends, You are invited to visit with Gwen Moore, Congresswoman, for a Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid Birthday event and give Gwen our HERO'S AWARD for 2019! We have a cake to share with our Congresswoman. We will discuss how important these programs are and ... Read more


... Read more

National News: Friday Alert, August 30, 2019

A dark money group, funded largely by the pharmaceutical industry, has launched a seven-figure ad campaign against allowing Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices. The $2.5 million in radio, digital and mailed ads from the American Action Network (AAN) calls on Congress to... Read more

National News: Friday Alert, August 9, 2019

Headlines Alliance Chapters Celebrate Anniversaries, Salute Retiree Heroes; Eliminating Pensions for State Employees Costs Taxpayers More; Discrimination Contributed to Purging of Americans from Voter Rolls; Rhode Island and Virginia Alliances Hold Annual Conv... Read more

National News: Friday Alert, August 2, 2019

Headlines: As Prescription Drug Prices Soar, Medicare and Medicaid Celebrate Anniversary; Alliance Members Cautiously Optimistic About Forthcoming Drug Reimportation Plan; Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing on NAFTA 2.0; Richard Fiesta on the 2020 Senior... Read more

Request for WIARA Hero nominations for Power Lunch Awards

We need the following information: Nominee’s name, address, phone number, and email address. Please write at least a 100-word explanation of why they should receive an award. We need you and/or your organization’s names, address, phone number and email number. ... Read more